Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Gone For the Rest of the Week

So right now I'm probably having fun in Epcot or the Magic Kingdom... Depending on where my friend and I wanted to go.

If you haven't guessed I'm in Disney on a trip with my friends. And I won't be returning till Saturday. We met at 2am this morning! And I'm either dreading the rest of the day with out sleep or having a lot of fun!

But anyway I have a few posts scheduled, and I've bought several books with me to read. If I get through them or not will be another question...

So if you email me I won't be responding till Sunday! Because I more than likely won't have internet access, unless on of my friends brings their laptop.

There is also a Cornucopia for Dystopia post scheduled for Thursday, so I hope all of you will tune in for that! And don't forget to get your covers in for the cover remake either!

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missrantsypants said...

Have fun! Cant wait to read your reviews to come.


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