Sunday, January 9, 2011

School Books Sundays (7)

School Books Sundays is a way I spotlight books I read for school.
This week's featured book is...
Of Mice and Men by J. Steinbeck
Age Warning: I suggest over the age of 13, I first read it in 8th grade.
Genre: Tragedy
Provided By: My School

My Review:
So I first read Of Mice and Men as a shortened version in 8th grade. And now that I've reread it I've seen somethings I missed then. But things that haven't changed is that I hate Curly and I see that George does what he does to protect Lennie. A thing I missed when I was in 8th grade is how great of  a character Lennie really is. Even though he has his mental problems he still is a character that you feel sympathy for even after the ending. Since it's so short I don't really have much else to say. So I suggest if you haven't read this short book, that you should do so soon. It's heart breaking and really shows the past times through its pages. 

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