Monday, January 24, 2011

Bookshelves + Others Update

***Breaking News***
Andrea's Bookshelves UPDATE 2011+ MORE!
***I'm a little crazy right now Midterms...***
So over winter break I moved my bookshelves/bins around and I wanted to show you the new and improved (I think) shelves (and or random containers slash furniture). So here they are:

First off is my new bin stack, I used to have them all over the place in my room, and I finally decided to just make one big stack, because I was tired of tripping over them. It houses all of my Manga series and some other books too.
Those other books are all of my Historical Fiction books. And of coarse I put my American Girl Dolls, Samantha and Nellie with them (the stopped making both of them :( ). Plus on top of the bin stack is my swag box and signed books.

Next around there is my Swag Board which I updated with some of my new bookmarks. And my Titus and Atreus Poster with Kyleigh's Print. Around the corner is my desk which is home to Pal my stuff animal from when I was little that helped me through some surgeries, and my Harry Potter books (all of them are very important to me).
Also near by is my vampire book collection housed on my bureau. And my Sarah Dessen and Eva Ibboston books on top of my DVD player.

And last but not least my actual bookshelf!

On Top of the Shelf is all of my paperback books that I need to read.

Then the next shelf is some more paperback books that need to be read and my hardback ones that need to read.

Then behind my music stand is part of my Simon Pulse Romantic Comedies book collection, and an assortment of hardcover books are on that shelf as well.

The next two shelves have no meaning at all. Though all my Meg Cabot books are basically together and I have all my series grouped together too.

I'm kinda proud that, that many books fit there now. Because before it was just not holding up to its potential.

So what do your shelves (or other containers for books) look like?

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Ky said...

Aahhh you have my print up! XD yours is on my dresser haha how do u afford all that manga my dear? Gah they're so expensive!

brizmus said...

agh! I wish my books in my house looked so neat and fun and wonderfuL! Love all your dolls! I have Samantha, too!

Mg (LWS) said...

KY- My manga has piled up in the past five years I suppose that would be why. PLUS I update them via Christmas all the time.... My mom hates that. I put you print up and my mom was like did you do that and I'm like no Kyleigh did. She surprisingly remembered who you were....

Brizmus- Thanks! :) I love my Samantha, her hairs all funky though because of all the things I did to her when I was little.

Ky said...

Hahahaha! Well how many Kyleighs do you know?

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