Sunday, December 5, 2010

Thanks to the 1st: Winners Round 1

Winners Time!
So if you listed below you've recieved an email from me, I need you to send me your First and Last Name and Mailing Address. Or if it's for an e-book then just an email to send to the author.

Top Ten Reasons for an Unworn Prom Dress by Tina Ferraro- Julie B.-Claimed
With her answer: Actually, it's the turkey!  I will eat one slice of white meat with gravy, then after that, I can't stand to eat anymore, whether in sandwiches, or soup or plain, that's it.

Evermore, Blue Moon & Shadowland from Kyleigh- Lexie Hogan-Claimed

Ordeal by Tatyana Varneko- Cathie Veres-Claimed

The Hunted of 2060 by Ami Blackwelder- 
INTERNATIONAL (E-Book)- Kelly Anastasopoulou-Claimed
Kelly answered What Shifter she would like to be with: "I'd love to be a Panther Shifter, because they are such beautiful and powerful animals! Graceful too!"
USA (Paperback)-Patsy Hagen
Patsy also answered that she would a Panther too!

Win $25 from the Book Depository from Steph- Stephanie M-Claimed

Round 2 will be up in about an hour.
All Winners need to respond by 8p.m. EST on Wednesday.

3 Loud Comments:

Lexie said...

!!YAY!! Thanks so much for the awesome giveaway!! I'm so excited to get my books!

Kelly aka yllektra(I Work For Books) said...

Oh, yay!
Congrats to all the winners and thanks so much!! :0
I will reply to your email now! :)

jhitomi said...

Thank you very much, so great of you to handle all these giveaways!

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