Thursday, November 25, 2010

Thanks to the 1st: What I do

Happy Thanksgiving again!
So today is the day were I tell you how I give thanks. Hmmm... it's probably going to seem really really dumb too.

But onward anyway! Okay so what I do now a days is go to my schools annual football Thanksgiving game! It's not as luxurious as it sounds. It's either really warm which has happened twice. Or really really cold. Or perhaps today it might be raining. This year is the 99th annual game so next year is going to be a big one! But I'm not going to be "there" maybe probably.... but anyway. Yup thats how my morning is spent. Like this year I have to get up at  6:30 so I can be to report time early, like usual. But thats what it takes to be in marching band. I just hope it isn't raining and freezing cold today!

After that I go home, and get ready to go to my aunts for dinner. It's the typical dinner. Except the turkey is dry and umm well the only thing I like is the potato rolls. Yup I'll stuff a few of them in my mouth. And that is my typical Thanksgiving. Though when I was younger I loved watching the parades. Because well one of my favorite characters were floating around! Snoopy! That always made me smile.
Oh look there's a marching band in the corner! :)
Anyway I give thanks for my friends, family and books!
That's what I give thanks for, what do you give thanks for?

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