Sunday, November 28, 2010

Thanks to the 1st: Eat Food Forever Day

Dear Dear Mike from The Subtle Chronicler is here today to visit you all!

Eat Food Forever Day
Hello everyone! Mike here from The Subtle Chronicler as you all may know. Or not know. Either way it's all cool. (glares).

So I'm being so generous and helping out an awesome friend by contributing this guest post to her blog. It's all about the love. And speaking of love Thanksgiving is just around the corner! Finally time where we can all sit back, be together, thank each and every single person for everything that they have done....

Oh who am I kidding? Thanksgiving to me is about the food! It's the only time where I can eat, never get full, and eat somewhere without being judged. The dry turkey breast with gravy on top. Some nice mashed potatoes (from Idaho, the box, add milk please) right next to it. Some stuffing and rice (do not add any type of nuts). It's all amazing. The best part is that it seems like it's endless. No matter how much you eat, there's always food there. And the next day, and the next, and of course the next. I have to give props to whoever cooked all of the food. Especially if it's good.

Now I know some of you guys and girls might think I'm crazy and/or depressing and/or mean because I care more about the food than the thanking. But why should we limit our thanking to just one day? We should be doing it everyday! That's why I care more about the food. And mostly it's because I'm a guy.

How do I spend my Thanksgivings though? Well there's 3 different versions. The first one was at family's house. There would be over 20 people there, sitting around the tables put together, just eating and laughing. The kids and teens would go downstairs after and just hang out. It was a tradition to go watch a movie after lunch and then buy a board game after dinner. Every year we did this.

The second one was at a family friends house. We started going there. (No we didn't stop talking to our family. Everyone just started trying new things.) At this family friends we would get there in the morning and leave in the morning the next day. I would eat so much there and then just go up to my friends room and play some PS2 or go on the computer.

The third version is the newest one starting this year. It's being held at my house. I never tried it and its mostly family. It's all good because I'll have my movies, my books, my laptop and my room to go to =D

But I don't need any of those things. All I need is the food. We should just change the name to Eat Food Forever Day. I'm bad I know. Now I fear that I must stop writing or Andrea might kill me because of my corniness. Plus I feel like I'm in 3rd Grade writing about my day. Oh the childhood.

So I hope you all have an amazing day during Thanksgiving! Or for you eaters like me, Eat Food Forever Day. I hope it goes well and that you all have your belly's full. And just remember, once this day is over, Christmas is just around the corner.

Much love to everyone,
The Subtle Chronicler (Mike)

P.S. Again thank you for letting me do this guest post! You are truly awesome!

About Mike:
Mike is a college student, and the only male affiliate to LWS. He brings amusement into the room with his sarcasm and sometimes charming attitude. He enjoys reading and that is one of the great qualities about him.

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Michael Antonio Araujo said...

I must say I do like this Mike fellow. He seems rather spiffy =D Lol

Ky said...

He is also the only LWS affiliate with such a hugely inflated ego. XP Jk. Luv ya Mike. Haha.

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