Sunday, November 7, 2010

News at LWS (9)

Loud Words & Sounds
So we have almost a little more than a week left till Thanks to the 1st starts! Are you ready? Because seriously I'm so happy it's even getting off the ground! Tomorrow the Cover Remake Contest is going to be posted, so get those brain storms together for your contests because it's going to be a great one. 

My Life
Lovely Leilani and I have started a blog together. It's not a book blog. But a writing blog. Yes people I am an inspiring writer. Plus being in my Creative Writing class has inspired me to write this story I've had in my head since the end of my sophomore year.

So check out Twin Troubles! Please. -_~

Leilani- Well she has the same news about Twin Troubles with me. But recently Lei had a contest for two characters in her book, Walking Dead. And has done a lot of book reviewing recently so just head over there and take a look.

Ky- has done some great reviews lately, check out Other, Freefall, Her Me and You on Ky's blog here.

Aly- has a cool feature called Monthly Bookalicious Bookies, were she features other bloggers and also recently went to a Becca Fitzpatrick signing, which I know she was really excited for.

Steph- recently has a big Halloween giveaway called Spooktacular Extravaganza, I think it was a big hit for her! And I loved some of her giveaway books, I hadn't heard of them so I added a couple to my TBR list.

Mike- poor Mike has been having midterms for college. I hope they went well for him!
Alex- is still out of commission, but she is alive I have talked to her. But those stupid robbers, need to return her laptop asap!

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