Monday, September 13, 2010

Madness Manga Mondays (15)

MMM is a feature here at Loud Words and Sounds.
The weeks MMM is...
Metamo Kiss Volume 1
By Sora Omote
Age Warning: Teen 13+
Published by: Tokyopop (USA)
Genre: Romance Comedy
Date Released: March 13, 2007
Provided By: Myself
Kohanamaru comes from a peculiar family, each member can switch bodies with his or her soul mate! His parents can switch bodies, and his aunt, oddly enough, can switch with her cat! Now it's Kohanamaru's turn...When Kohanamaru literally runs into Nanao, the girl of his dreams, they switch bodies. True love, right? Well, unfortunately, she's in love with someone else. And if that weren't bad enough, the "someone else" turns out to be Kohanamaru's twin brother Konatsu...who can reverse their transformation with his own kiss!
My Review:
Metamo Kiss Volume 1 by Sora Omote gives the reader a different romance than most other manga series. Kohanamaru, a boy of different sorts is moving back in to his parents place and in the end finds out something peculiar; he can switch bodies with his true love. It turns out that Kohnanamaru finds this girl, Nanao, in a train station, and through accident they switch bodies. The story continues from this point into a fast paced adventure. Metamo Kiss is a cute manga, full of romance and comedy. I love Omote's drawing style it's a mix in ways of my favorite mangaka's styles, making Metamo Kiss really easy to read. And the plot is excellent making the reader want to find the next volume. By the way there are only three volumes in this series and each  are out. In the end though Metamo Kiss doesn't really stand on my list of must read manga's it was just a cute one I found one day browsing at Barnes and Noble.

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brizmus said...

What a cool concept! I've never heard of this manga, but it totally sounds like something I would like to check out!

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