Friday, September 24, 2010

Creative Stories: Aly (Blogger)

Today I would like to welcome Almas or Aly, my lovely affiliate for her Creative Stories post. To find out more about LWS's Creative Stories feature click HERE.

Name: Aly
Blog Name: Fantasy4eva

Andrea: Tell us a little about yourself, the blogger behind the blog.

Aly: Hmmm for some reason this is always the hardest question for me to answer as i don't really analyze myself so when i get the opportunity to in such times like these it's always quite interesting. It depends on who I'm around, with my family and my best friend I'm often describe as "Bubbly" and "funny" which still kind of makes me think huh really? because I've never thought myself as such since most of the time around the people i hang with I'm more of a reserved gal who will socialize with you or talk if I'm in the mood, if I'm not it doesn't matter if your sitting right next to me, music always has come first ill just shove in my headphones and that's it I'm gone. I've often gotten the "You know i can't talk to you with those headphones in your ears" and i know i can come across as rude maybe even arrogant but that's just me yet there's that line, because i always mind my own business they know that, so either they get used to it, or learn to deal with it. If I'm not exactly paying you the best of attention I'm not exactly dissing you either so at least I'm honest about how I'm feeling at that particular moment and not all fake friendly because i will never be one of those. It's strange how quick i shift, with my friends at college they only see the bubbly side of me very rarely and they are always kind of shocked when they do, whilst my family and best friend and the rare others see that side of me often. I'm not the type of girl who really approaches people, I've never really been one who makes this big effort to make friends, but i have some great people around me and a fantastic best friend so i guess i must be doing something right huh? Wow that felt like a major confession right there! :D

Andrea: What's your blog exactly about? What do you typically post about.
Aly: I knew it was going to be based on books without a doubt, i just also happened to know i didn't want to limit it to books only, after all one of the best things about a blog is being able to express yourself right? so i decided i wanted to involve some more things, Music came at once, like i mentioned music means a lot to me, and although i may not always post about it, knowing that it's a part of my blog always makes me feel at ease, everyone loves some gossip and movies right? so those had to be included also, then you have a personal favorite of mine, quotes and inspirations, you have no idea how good it felt to share with everyone those quotes and my inspirations for the first time, it felt.. very liberating. At times i have "Tis a story" I'm not a writer but i have always thoroughly enjoyed writing, so it's just a bit of fun for me and a release to write a chapter here and there :) I can be slightly unpredictable, maybe even emotional, I'm very out there, sometimes if I'm angry or upset you might just find this long essay under my "Fantasy lover thoughts" feature, where i tend to express myself, and just update my followers, did i mention i love my followers? I have to thank the gal behind the lovely design of my blog and that of course is you i really can't thank you enough Andrea, so for those that weren't aware all the credit goes to Andrea for my beautiful layout :)

Andrea: Do you have any book in particular that you would save in a fire or bring on a deserted island?

Aly: Oh wow, well i am planning on ordering some Tupac Shakur books which contain his poems which I'm very excited about! That would be a book although it hasn't arrived yet that would come to mind to save first. You know i may not own it right now, but i don't even have to think twice about it, i would save any book by him first. Even if i was on a deserted Island i would pick any book of his because it would give me hope ;)

Andrea: Music is a part of Loud Words and Sounds, so does it take part in any aspect of your blog? If not what's some of the bands or artists you love listening too.

Aly: I love this question Andrea! yes yes yes! i have a playlist which you can always whizz through, i knew i was going to have one it was just a matter of when because you can't be a music lover and not have some form of music on your blog like seriously, it currently needs updating but i hope people peek through once a while at least and pick a track here and there as it is there for you guys to enjoy! I can be all over the place so hey! i might just decide you know what? I'm going to post a bunch of songs or lyrics today, and there you go a post about some tracks i love, I'm very spontaneous so you can never say i have a plan, if i feel something you can be assured 20 seconds later its posted on my blog, weather that's something positive or negative you can decide that for yourself. I'm not one of those whose stuck on one type of music i like to branch out some top favorites are, Nickleback, Evanescence, Decode, Whitney Houston, Tupac Shakur, Aaliyah, Celine Dion, Beyonce, Neyo, Trey Songz, Drake, Nas etc

Andrea: Random Questions! Pick one.
  • Markers or Pens - Pens
  • Tea or Coffee - Tea fo sure! although i love the smell of coffee xD
  • Pink or Black - Pink!
  • Cake or Cookies - oh no so hard.... hmmm cake ;)
  • High Heels or Sneakers - meh not a fan of heels so ill go with sneakers, comfort first and foremost :P
Thanks for interviewing with me Aly!

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