Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Creative Stories: Jill (Blogger)

Today I welcome Jill for my first blogger interview!

Name: nymfaux (or Jill works, too)
Blog Name:  (\__/)
Andrea: Tell us a little about yourself, the blogger behind the blog.
Jill: I'm originally a mid-western girl, who's been transplanted in California.  I have a B.A. in writing, but am new to blogging.  I am told that I have a pretty good sense of humor, slightly on the dry side.  My two biggest passions are reading and watching movies, and watching movies based on books, and vice-versa.  I will read or watch anything at least once, and more than once if I like it.  My go-to books are YA, with a little fantasy/paranormal thrown in--YA always gives me that magical-anything-is-possible feeling.  I also like to travel, and have driven cross-country and lived in four different states since college...

Andrea: What's your blog exactly about? What do you typically post about.
Jill: I'm still getting started, but so far most of my posts have been on books, book contests (that other people are having), and the A-Team.  I just recently did an interview with Wendy Toliver about her new book, Lifted, and am working on a couple interviews right now.  I love connecting with huge bibliophile community, so I plan to do a lot more with that.  I also want to include my obsessive-stalker-love of movies--I used to have a list of "All the Movies I've Ever Watched, in Alphabetical Order"--It got lost in one of my moves, so I've been recompiling it (I'm currently on the Hs), and then I'll post it.  I can be kind of Rainman-like when it comes to movies and actors.  And then there's just some random stuff, I get (mildly)injured a lot, and (majorly)lost (frequently), and I like to share my awkwardness for the sake of a humorous story.  ;)

Andrea: Do you have any book in particular that you would save in a fire or bring on a deserted island?
Jill: Thank God I have a Nook if that ever happens!!!!!  (seriously, I downloaded over 600 books in the first two weeks I had it)(google has TONS of FREE books available, as long as you don't mind reading anything written before the early 1900s). If my Nook was safe, though....I think I would go for my entire Tamora Pierce collection first--I've been rereading those books for almost 15 years, and they go everywhere with me...But if it was down to just one...I'd have to pick either Jane Eyre or The Thornbirds--I still sigh whenever I think of them.

(Andrea Interjecting Comment: I haven't even downloaded that many books and I've had my nook for two months!?!?!?!? I would also probably save it first too.)

Andrea: Music is a part of Loud Words and Sounds, so does it take part in any aspect of your blog? If not what's some of the bands or artists you love listening too.
Jill: Hmmm...Again, I'm still pretty new to blogging, so no music as of yet, but I will put it on my ideas list.  I just actually found a group called Parachute, through Tera Lynn Child's blog.  They have a song that totally captures her new book Forgive My Fins.  They kind of remind me of Maroon5. My general music tastes tend to run toward oldies, '80s, movie soundtracks, and Christmas music (I'm a HUGE Bing Crosby fan).  My go-tos, are Chubby Checker, Billy Joel, Bing Crosby, A Mighty Wind, with some Maroon5, Madonna, and Chicago thrown in.

Andrea: Random Question Time! Pick one.
Markers or Color Pencils Jill: Colored Pencils are softer, don't bleed, and are easier to fix if you screw up
Silver or Gold Jill: Gold
Loud or Soft Jill: Soft, I like quiet, I can concentrate better when everything else is farther away...I am actually wearing earplugs right now...
Black or White Jill: Black, like night, and falling asleep in a cocoon of darkness
Cats or Dogs Jill:Um, since my parent's cat would beat me up if I didn't pick cats, I'll go with cats

Thanks so much for stopping by Jill!

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Leilani @Leilani Loves Books said...

Great interview!
Nice to meet you Jill!
Another California girl!

nymfaux said...

Yea!!!!! Nice to meet you all too!!!! This was so much fun and I can't wait to see your other interviews!!!! Thanks!!!

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