Friday, June 18, 2010

First Rate Friday (4)

First Rate Friday comes from He Followed Me Home.
This post range from June 3rd to today, because of the fact  I didn't have time to write up this post before.
  • Jenn @ Books at Midnight posted a discussion a while ago on Drugs and YA. I found it interesting to read. I never really took the fact that some of the books I read have drugs in them, I myself will never use drugs. I promised myself that I would never do something that could kill me like that. So yes this post was really interesting and made me think of the books I read.
  • Jenny @ Take Me Away wrote a post about how reading is like eating. And I agree with her your taste in food changes as you grow and so does your literary taste.
  • Chick Lit Teens posted about how books are like alcohol for us book bloggers. And it got me thinking about how I will devour a book just like a piece of chocolate cake. :)
  • Taylor @ The Library Luker today posted about the size of main characters in YA and about how almost all of them are either skinny or middle weight or obsess and wanting to loose weight. What about those non cookie cutter girls?
  • I'm also going to state!!!! Never sell your ARCs, there were a ton of posts at the beginning of the month after BEA (which sadly I couldn't attend) about ARCs being on e-bay and such. I find you that do that rude and inconsiderate of authors who work hard on their novels and books. They spend valuable time writing for your enjoyment so why sell something they wrote for you and you alone (in a sense). Here's a link to one of the post talking about it.

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