Wednesday, May 19, 2010



Okay if I could do the happy dance right now I would be so happy! But alas I am in class right now and can not, because my Graphic Arts teacher would think I was crazy (Plus were learning flash buttons so yaya! (It's going to get implemented some how on here)).

But anyway the reason I'm going to do the happy dance is because I have 96 Followers! I don't really care what my followers numbers are but seriously thank you all. It makes me happy to know that someone is  following me and reading what I write. The Design 85 contest that I was planning will now change to Designing 100 Followers contest.

Authors/Anyone: Also if you interested in donating a book maybe that would be awesome! Because I can't really get any books right now.

Okay end the short message, hopefully Friday I'll get back to posting. :)

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blueicegal said...

congrats darling :)

Paper Cut Reviewer said...

Nice! Congrats! Your blog is awesome:)I see you are in need of some reading material...hmmm...I have a couple of books I just read. Email me I will let you know what books I have for ya:)


ALN said...

Congrats on the 96 followers, and I have more good news for you. I have an award for you over on my blog.

Lisa R said...

I'm # 100! WooHoo!

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