Monday, May 24, 2010

Okay I'm Depressed Now

Okay so I never really talk about shows I watch, but with everyone being depressed that "Lost" ended I figured well I want to complain.

Okay there are always shows I get really into and then they are canceled! I mean I really really like them, I'll DVR the episodes or watch them when their on, but this just depresses me.

The Victims of these random cancelations for me back in like '07 with the writer's strike commotion were...

"Pushing Daisies"

(This was the most awesome creative show ever and why ABC canceled it I still have no clue.)
(OMG Hot Vampires, this is when I was in my vampire phase. I understand he was too Edwardy but back then I loved Vampires more than anything... Plus the show was awesome to watch action wise.)

I loved both of these shows I tuned in every Wednesday and Friday night just to watch the characters for non-apparent reasons (their above). So when they went an canceled them I was really mad. I mean I'm even in a group to save "Pushing Daisies", seriously.

But now I find out that ABC Family channel is canceling "10 Things I Hate About You" and tonight is the last episode. I mean it has its flaws, but it's still enjoyable to watch. I love love love the movie and when they came out with the series I was all yes, yah, whoa! And now after two seasons its canceled. I mean I love this show. Why ABC Family WHY?
10 things -logo.PNG
Sorry.... this is totally random. And I'm ranting. But ABC Family has a tendency to do this to me. First they put "Wildfire" on a break and then brought it back and after four seasons it ended. I loved that show, it was my what would you say guilty pleasure. And then they canceled "Falcon Beach" after two seasons, yes it was a drama filled show but it was funny to watch. And then there's "Greek" which they moved to a later time which I can't stay up till, unless I want to be a grumpy head for school in the morning. Oh and then there's "Kyle XY" which I loved and that ended to soon for my tastes.  To add to the list: "Ruby & The Rockits" (I watched it occasionally), "Roommates" (Was Hilarious) and now "10 things I hate About You". ABC Family makes me sad, especially when some of their shows were really funny, good, romantic, and just all together hilarious. Most the time their canceled for viewer ship, but if the show isn't given enough time it won't get it.
File:Roommates Logo.JPGKyleXYtitle.jpg
So what do you think?
Now off to write some posts, this I just needed to get out of my system.

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