Monday, April 19, 2010

Sides Sides Sides

Okay time to pick a side for the Iron King. I just finished it last week and the review should be up next week. Yet there is a side to choose, and today is the day for everyone to pick a side. But I have a tendency to pick both sides.

Fine example The Hunger Games series, I love both Peeta & Gale. So I am both teams!

Same thing with Twilight, but I'm Team Bella (haha, there are a ton other teams but I'm just Team Bella). I love both Edward and Jacob so ya not fighting between them.

So NOW I have to make a decision on which team I want to join for The Iron Fey Series.
I'm thinking Team Grimalkin. Seriously I love both Puck and Ash!!!! I mean they are both hot, awesome and amazing. Plus I love the dark boy and the light boy.

Hmmm, we Team Grim minions don't have a button, maybe I could make one?

For the official post on this debate at Julie Kagawa's blog click here!

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