Monday, April 12, 2010

Madness Manga Mondays (9)

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Ultra Maniac, Volume One
By Wataru Yoshizumi
Ultra Maniac, Vol. 1
Shy Ayu Tateishi has just made a new friend at school. But this new friend, much to her surprise, is no ordinary classmate. Nina Sakura may look like a normal middle school girl, but she's got a big secret. She's a witch. Or, rather, she's studying to be a witch. And, apparently, she's not doing her homework. Her spells are devastating in their ineffectiveness and often result in the most embarrassing situations for poor Ayu. But things wouldn't be so bad if Nina's sorcery didn't make Ayu look silly in front of the one boy she secretly adores. All she wants is a simple love potion. What she gets, however, is a new best friend who almost flunked out of witch school!
Wataru Yoshizumi hails from Tokyo and made her manga debut in 1984 with Radical Romance in Ribon Original magazine. The artist has since produced a string of fan-favorite titles, including Quartet GameHandsome na Kanojo (Handsome Girl),Marmalade Boy, and Random Walk.

So in Volume One of Ultra Maniac we are introduced to Nina, Ayu and Hiroki and Tetsushi. Through out the series these four will be the main characters, and a couple more will join them. The Ultra Maniac series is one of my favorite series, and along with MeruPuri by Matsuri Hino started my Manga craze. Ultra Maniac involves one factor Nina, the witch from the Magic Kingdom, that has problems with her powers, and comes to the human world to learn instead of stay and flunk out of Magic School. Here, in the human world Nina meets Ayu (one of my favorite characters), the girl that supposedly has it all especially since she is so popular with the kids in her school. But that is all a fake preset, Ayu is acting to get the one thing she wants Tetsushi, a baseball player in her grade. And then there is Hiroki, Tetsushi's best friend. If you enjoy reading quirky romance magic stories I would suggest this for you.

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