Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Blog Designs! & More

Hey everyone,

So I want all of you to check out my friend Leilani's  Blog, Leilani Loves Books, she's in the middle of changing over the url, so the link I give you might not work soon, but I'll change it later. Click on the blog button to see it!

I designed the blog and I love the design (even more than I love my own), so please check it out.

And I've decided I want to open my own blog design business. I'm thinking the title is going to be Musical Blog Designs, what do you think?

My Favorite Show of all time is coming on tonight at 9:28 (Eastern Time)! Glee! :)

I just love this show!

I'm also going to be in New York City, tomorrow, I'm going to go see a play. And I'm hoping to get some great pics of the city since its my first time ever going there. I hope if I can convince my group to go into a book store I can pick up a couple of books.

Also is anyone having problems with the FEED?

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BookFreak said...

Yay! Thanks Andrea!
I hope everyone likes it as much as I do!


Mg (LWS) said...

Your Welcome!

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