Saturday, March 20, 2010


So I feel like I need to do a random post of the week. And Saturday seem's like a prime opportunity for it, since I don't usually post on Saturday's

So this week's topic is on boys and their pants. I'm sorry this is weird but it's inspired by Tera Lynn Child's post on the topic last Saturday. Check it out here!

Tera makes a great point in this post about boys and their boxers or tightie whities showing below their pants. I'm sorry male followers that do this but this annoys the heck out of me (do I have any male followers? If I do shout out to you! Because your cool for following my blog. Not that the girls aren't either.). Especially at my school were the girls aren't allowed to wear skirts or shorts shorter than their knees, even with leggings. While the boys can show the whole school their boxers.

Yes that's right they can show the school their boxers and the girls can't show a little leg!!! While the boys show the opposite spectrum of the legs easily with their pants hanging off their butts.

Okay back on topic, Tera mentions that:
When the zombie apocalypse comes, boys with their pants below their butts will be eaten first.
I completely agree with her on this one. Because if zombies do come the boys will be unable to run, for their pants will be falling down every five seconds. Now, what I don't believe is that these "males" or "boys" wear belts with their pants too! So loose that they fall down still. Seriously, belts were made for a reason use them!!!!

I'm sorry everyone this is just really random and in away a rant, not blog related at all.

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Anonymous said...

HeHe, I think it's mmmm ... provided the guy has at least got a reasonable body, of course :P

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