Monday, March 22, 2010

Madness Manga Mondays (8)

Madness Manga Mondays is hosted here at LWS.
Venus in Love Volume 1
By Yuji Nakaji
Number of Volumes: 8 out of 12 in the USA
Publisher:CMX Manga or DCC Comics

College: A time for new friends and new loves — and getting confused about which is which. It seems like Suzuna is on track to land Eichi the guy of her dreams. But her other new friend — the beautiful Hinako — has some interesting information regarding Eichi that's going to force Suzuna to take a second look at the whole situation. She's about to discover that love can come with some unexpected competition.
This was one of the few manga's that I picked up on chance, and fell in love with it. Venus in Love is an amazing manga, that involves several great characters and great illustrations. Nakaji, within the characters of Suzuna and Eichi makes a great romantic comedy story. And the fact that their budding romance still hadn't worked out in Volume 7 makes me want to get volume 8, which came out last month. If I had to sum this series up in two words it would be hilarious and romantic. This series makes me laugh and feel the heart break at the same time. I seriously suggest if you like manga like Fruits Basket, check Venus in Love out!


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