Friday, March 12, 2010

Films Fridays (10) & More

This week's Films Fridays is.....

Iron Man 2
I'm so excited!!! I Loved Iron Man! And now there's a second one!!!! Yayayaya! Sorry I'm just so hyper right now, see why below.

So this week is a crazy week for me every year for two reasons, I'm only in school for 2 days and I have marching band almost the whole weekend. Adding to that now is my outline for my research paper is due on Monday and I have to get cavities filled tomorrow lucky me!

But to the good news!!!! I won second in my category for the competition I competed in this week meaning I get to go for a week in July to this really awesome convention that I went to last summer. :)

Anyway I've been in a mood lately and have been reading some stories on, which are mostly written by teens. This has started to get me into a writing mood, and I've outlined a couple characters (or more) on a story, I've been thinking about for about a year and has slowly developed from a dream. They have some really freaky names too (Kiki,  Wuther and Lynette).

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