Tuesday, March 23, 2010

5 Awesome Newbie/Newer Bloggers! & Other Stuff

2010 Blog Improvement Project
As part of the BIP 2010 Challenge(?) this post is my project for Week 4. Yet, I never blogged about Week 3: Organizing your Categories and Tags (or Labels). I never blogged about that week for one reason I had already done it when I remade the blog in early Feb. and never had the time to do a post about at the time. So now I'm telling you!

But on to the Challenge for Week 4: Promote Members of your Group. This I'm going to do in two parts! The First is I'm posting a list of 5 Awesome Newbie/Newer Bloggers that I love. And the second part is that I'm going to try and network with everyone, this part will be done by adding the people that fill out this short form, here, to be added to my Blog List. So please fill it out! I would love to promote all of your blogs through the Blog List!

So onto my list of bloggers!

Kyleigh is one of my friends from bn.com teen reads chatroom, she's a great writer and artist, and recently has started blogging. She has a great back ground, so check her blog out!

Luna is also another blogger I met through bn.com. She has some interesting reviews and reads some books that many might not have seen before. Luna is a relatively new blogger and I enjoy seeing her posts.

3- Trillian @ A Trillian Books
A Trillian Books
Trillian is not a newbie, she has a relatively new blog that has exploded due to the Book Hop, much like mine has (a bit). And I found Trillian since she's a follower of LWS. So followers of LWS should follow Trillian, she has some great reviews and a really pretty background.

4- Morgan @ Smitten With Books
Morgan is a wonderful semi-new blogger that has some awesome stuff, including reviews. Recently she posted about some cute new bookends that she found (click here to see). So check Morgan out!

5- Mama Bookworm @ The Fiction Enthusiast
Mama Bookworm is a newer blogger, she just started last month (I believe) and she reviews some adult books and YA books. She has a really creative blogging personality, and I suggest you check her out!

So that's it people, this is taking place of my review since I haven't finished Hex Hall yet! It's so good so far. (I'll more than likely post a review this weekend on it).

But please don't forget to fill out that form!

(Also could someone leave a comment telling me that the form is working because I'm never sure or not and this is technically one of the first forms I'm using.)

6 Loud Comments:

Trillian said...

Looks like the form is working to me :)

Thanks for featuring me! I've linked to this post on my blog.

Mg (LWS) said...

Thanks! :)

LunaMoth said...

thank you for featuring me and your kind words =)

Ky said...

Thanks Andrea! You're too sweet. :D And how come I never realized I wasn't following YOU?! Am about to remedy this in about five seconds. Lolz.

Morgan said...

Thank you so much, Andrea-you'll never know how much this means to me!

Mama Bookworm said...

Thank you so much! I’m honored :)
I’ll post a link on my blog. Off to check out your other featured blogs.
Thanks again!

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